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Here's a list of the places where I shop, in Montréal and online.  In the 'Ingredients' tab, you'll find tips on where to buy specific ingredients.  So if you'll looking for something in particular, check there first...and please suggest your favourite places in the comments section below and help me build the list! 

Segal's:  You'll find almost all of the products you would find at health-food stores here, and then some, at 1/2 to 2/3 of the price.  Stock up on coconut and almond milk, quinoa and agave here.  Tea is much less expensive at Segal's than anywhere else I have found.  Check their freezer for organic meats, vegetables, seitan and ect...Unpredictable hours and, from what I can tell, closed on Sundays.

Rachelle-Béry: Very good selection, only pricey compared to Segal's.  A good place to get non-dairy products, cookies, pastas, and heavy items you don't want to order online.  They have good hours, too, so if you're stuck it's a good place to run to.  Rachelle-Béry was bought by Loblaws, so you'll now find a very decent health-food isle in LoblawsProvigo, and Maxi, with the same prices as Rachelle-Béry.

Fruiterie Mile End: Great place to get gluten-free cereal, cookies, teas, ect.  Best place to get So Delicious coconut ice cream.  They have all the flavours for half the price it is at Rachelle-Béry et al...

Nuts online: This is the best place to get nuts, dried fruits, matcha, chia seeds, and almond flour.  Even after shipping it's less expensive than going anywhere else.  Stay away from heavy items to minimize shipping costs and you'll save money every time.  You have to buy in bulk, but the quality is amazing and it doesn't spoil.  Family-owned and operated!

Canada Only: Great selection, free shipping!  A good way to shop (sorta) local.

National Nutrition: This is where I order all my vitamins, oils, and extracts.  Except probiotics, which should be chilled and are best purchased right out of a fridge.

Saffron Rouge: The ultimate natural and organic skin care, cosmetics, and body care shop.  You shouldn't put anything on your body you wouldn't put in your mouth, and this place will help you get started replacing your chemical shampoos, soaps, cremes and toothpastes with healthy ones.  Great sample program and free shipping on orders over $ 100...which mine always end up being.  Canadian! Good selection of natural cosmetics and skincare (they carry the complete Kiss My Face line, which I love) and some food.  I've never ordered food, but I order all my Weleda and Kiss My Face stuff from there.  Free shipping.

Favourite food blogs

Gluten-free girl and the Chef: my all-time favourite food blog and an amazing source of information.

Elana's Pantry: my (and the) number one source for delicious almond flour and Paleo recipes.

101 cookbooks: everyone loves Heidi Swanson's blog and books.  With reason.  Vegetarian.

Smitten Kitchen:  not even close to being clean eating.  But so damn lovable and tasty, I'll substitute to death.

My Tartelette:  French pastry chef gone gluten-free?  Yes, please.

Cannelle et Vanille: very accessible, delicious, beautiful gluten-free food.

Three Many Cooks: delicious, easy, creative and adaptable food.  And a wonderful tone.  Lots of vegetarian recipes.

To be continued...

Information, ect...

Mangez Québec: a good guide to what's in season.

Check out the Clean Program.  I urge you to read the book, if nothing else.  

Julie Gabriel is a wonderful encyclopedic source of information on natural skin and hair care.  I strongly suggest you read her Green Beauty Guide and check her blog for information and updates.

The Atlantic's food section is a very good source of information about food politics.  American, but relevant.

Mr Bittman's website is a great mix of recipes and food politics.  I hope he can get it done down south.  And if anybody's Mark Bittman.

Jardin des Anges, a organic produce basket delivered to your door.  To...your...door.